Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Motichiari – Marmi Lanza Verona, Insalata and Bernardi talk


Role: Middle Bocker
From: Putignano (BA)
Born: 10/06/1977
Height: 194 cm.
T-shirt: 5

How are you?
I feel better. I hope I can recover for Sunday, but it will be difficult. I must be at rest and it’s bad for me, most of all when I see my team having difficulties. I will go back as soon as I can!

What kind of match will it be the one against Verona?
It will be very hard. Verona is in positive moment, it is the toughest team now. We want to redeem for the bad game we playd last Sunday in Trento, so we must be determined in winning this match, that moreover is our last chance for the playoffs.

How do you like your season until now?
Very good at its beginning, I played a lot and helped the team. Then I got imjured, now I’m putting effort in being well soon.

Let’s talk about yourself.
On court I’m using my instinct and my heart, always trying to do my best. Outside I’m a quiet boy. In my spare time I like to play football and beach volley.

How do you feel in Montichiari?
Very fine. I’m here since three years now, Montichiari has become my second home. I must thank the whole team for this, that gave me the chance to remain here, in this wonderful environment.


Role: Spiker
From: Trento
Born: 11/08/1968
height: 199 cm.
T-shirt: 9

How do you see the Sunday’s match?
It is very important match. Both the teams are trying to get as far as bossible from the ranking’s bottom, and as near as possible to the playoffs.

How do you like Acqua Paradiso Gabeca?
Since Donald came, Montichiari improved its game level a lot. I saw them often playing on sky and I think they can really make a good game, very balanced. It is team that really knows how to play Volley.

What do you think your sudden impovement is due to?
When I frist came here to Verona, the team had big problems due to many injuries. Withthe arrival of the new trainer things have changed, we have had the chance to train almost every day with the complete team, and that helps.

Have you ever thought about retiring?
As I was in Athen I decided to come back to Italy, and if Verona wouldn’ t have given me the chance to come back to the italian championship I would for sure have quit Volley. Now I’m not thinking about it anymore, but I’m aware of the fact that I’m approaching an age where to go on playing becomes more and more difficult.

Do you think you will remain in the Volley’s world even when you won’t be playing anymore?
I think so. My wish is to become a coach. I was always on court, and I would like to try and sit on the bench.

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