Grbic reproaches the Legione’s supporters and thanks the rest of the audience of Palabianchini

The team was really good on Sunday against Cimone Modena, winning for 3-1 and bringng the mood of the supporters up again, after many defeats. The supporters of the Legione, as they had announced, were quiet for a whole set, performing a partial “strike” that let Grbic down, for he had hoped in a second thought.
“Yes, I was actually expecting a rethink from the supporters -he said- but it didn’t come. Last week me and my teammates have been through a bad time. We had a side of the press and part of the supporters against us, due to the results that weren’t coming. It is easy to talk! We are on court, we must fight against daily tension and even again the displeasure of the environment. It was a ticklish moment for the team, and we would have needed support from the crowd from the beginning to the end of the match. Our supporters just begun to root for us after the first set. And it wasn’t so for the rest of the audience. My special thanks go to this part of the audience, which came to see us even tough we hadn’t been so good lately, and which showed a good attitude and faith in us. They deserve us to keep category, and we will do our best”.