Like against Modugno: 0-3

Esse-Ti Carilo Loreto: After Modugno also Cagliari has been able to win 3-0 at the PalaSerenelli.

With Battilotti out, coach Moretti starts the game with Palharini and Peda spikers, setter Visentin, opposite Rodrigues, middleblockers Tomalino and Mosterts, libero Pesenti. Cagliari begin the match wtih setter Peric, Batez opposite, middleblockers Postiglioni and Scilì, spikers Sevillano and Barbareschi, Mascia il libero.

First set sees the two team reaching 19-19. But the end is for Cagliari able to transform in points Loreto errors and the set goes to Cagliari 22-25.

Second set seems the copy of the first. The two teams fight point to point and arrive at 24-24. But also this time at end of the set is Cagliari that scores the crucial point and close it in its favour for 29-31.

In the third set Cagliari goes ahead straight awasy: 3-8 first and 13-18 after. Loreto tries to fight back and reach 15-20 but it is too late. Cagliari closes the set 18-25 and wins the match.

Next week Esse-ti Carilo will play against Cavriago away from home, Tiscali Cagliari will play at thom against Modugno-Noicattaro.


ESSE-TI CARILO LORETO: Visentin 1, Rodrigues 11, Tomalino 9, Mosterts 4, Peda 16, Palharini 2, Pesenti (L), Tobaldi 3, Gatto ne, Stortoni ne, Di Fino, Biagiola.
Coach: Moretti.

TISCALI CAGLIARI: Peric 9, Batez 14, Postiglioni 6, Scilì 8, Sevillano 10, Barbareschi 19, Mascia (L), Burbello ne, Francesconi ne, Fadda ne, Cristiano ne, Ardu.
Coach: Santilli.

Referees: Alessandro Guerra and Antimo Fiore.

Sets lenght: 22-25 (27’), 29-31 (36’), 18-25 (24’).