Ardu: “If we find the chemistry of the first few matches, we can do well”.

Interview with the sardinian setter, ethusiastic about his come back in A1.

“It is true about the sardinian stubborness, when we put something in our head, sooner or later we get there”.
And Alessandro Ardu, Prisma volley’s setter has two goals: “Show myself as much as I can to be able to keep playing in A1, I can do it even if I do not have the height (183 cm) I have other abilities; potentially I believe we can beat anyone. If I will see the same chemistry we had in the first few matches we could even go beyond safety. It depends on our motivation”.
“With Marco (Nuti) there is no rivalry but a great relationship. He is my idol and I think he is one of the strongest Italian setters from a tactical point of view and it is a pleasure for me to be in the same team as he is.
We play in the same team and he cheers me when I go on court. De Palma? A great setter, good hands but I am different from him, I think I am physically stronger”.
“I am very exited about this experience; I like the city, the Club, the supporter, even if I would like to see more of them at the matches. This is my chance to show myself in A1”.
“Our position in the standings is not dramatic, there are many teams three points away and we can only do better. We had a good start, then Vissottos’ absence penalised us.
We have lost some points by wasting some good chances like the one with Piacenza. We now need to work hard because we are a very technical team and all the players need to express themselves on the same level in order to do well”.

PRISMA VOLLEY press office