No way for Sora in Padova

Kioene Padova – Biosì Indexa Sora 3-0 (40-38, 25-23, 25-20) – Kioene Padova: Zoppellari 1, Maar 16, Averill 8, Giannotti 3, Fedrizzi 15, Volpato 10, Bassanello (L), Shaw 0, Balaso (L), Milan 6. DNP Link, Koncilja, Sestan. Coach. Baldovin. Biosì Indexa Sora: Seganov 2, Kalinin 4, Gotsev 9, Miskevich 18, Rosso 3, Mattei 9, Corsetti (L), Sperandio 0, Marrazzo 0, Santucci (L), De Marchi 0, Tiozzo 9. DNP Mauti, Lucarelli. Coach. Bagnoli. REFEREES: Cappello, Piana. NOTES – sets: 42′, 27′, 27′; tot: 96′. MVP: Michele Fedrizzi (Kioene Padova)

Kioene Padova won last regular season’s game on the home turf versus Biosì Indexa Sora, the team Padova will face in next upcoming Playoffs Challenge for 5th Place Eighth Finals. Before the game Kioene Padova rewarded former captain Mattia Rosso for the 5 seasons he played with Kioene. The first set was infinite, tied at 24, the two teams continued without breaks until the tie at 38, where finally Padova snapped the balance and won first set 40-38 with a winning spike of Giannotti. Also second set is balanced, won again by Kioene 25-23, and in third with an aces of Fedrizzi (confirmed by Video Check) Padova earned 5 match points, winning set and game 25-20.

Valerio Baldovin (Kioene Padova): “It was important to finish the regular season with a win. Despite the troubles we faced in this season, everybody gave 100% on court and in practice, and we showed in this last game. It was a balanced game, we were good in handling the ball in side out”.

Bruno Bagnoli (Biosì Indexa Sora): “We were good down the net, but it wasn’t enough, we had average serve, and they were better than us in attack. On tonight we were under our standard, so we need to improve on this”.