Massimo Righi brand new Lega Pallavolo Italian Volleyball League President


Lega Pallavolo Italian Volleyball League CEO Massimo Righi is brand new Lega Volley President.

The administration Council (confirmed for next seasons) voted unanimously Massimo Righi as brand new president, together with the role of CEO.

The Administration Council is still with Stefano Fanini (Verona), Lucio Fusaro (Milano), Giulia Gabana (Modena), Albino Massaccesi (Civitanova), Stefano Santuz (Padova), Gino Sirci (Perugia), Angelo Agnelli (Bergamo), Michele Miccolis (Castellana Grotte), Rossano Romiti (Grottazzolina), with former president Diego Mosna who stays as honorary president, as he did with former President, Minister Paola De Micheli.

Massimo righi said: “I accepted to be candidate because the Clubs asked me. I’ve always been available for everything for them. The Clubs wanted to stay with the same Administration Council, and an intern President was the right solution to put some continuity to the jobe we were doing in last couple of seasons. So I’m so thankful for the trust of everybody, everybody knows I’ll give all my best to the Clubs, the League and the volleyball movement, as I always did”.

The Council voted unanimously the changes to the Rules about players fees.

Massimo Righi is the Eighth Lega Pallavolo Serie A Italian Volleyball League President, succeeding to Diego Mosna (2004-2009, 2010-2014, 2019-2020).
Lega Pallavolo Serie A CEO since 2004, Massimo Righi was General director of Lega for 4 yars. Before he was Italian Volleyball League for Ladies President.

Born in 1961 in Bologna, Bachelor Degree in Law, Massimo was a basketball player, then working with Studio Legale Martinelli-Rogolino Firm in Bologna. He’s still President of Sport Court Italian Basketball Federation (FIP) for Emilia Romagna Region. From 2018 Massimo is the General Secretary of Volleyball Leagues Association.

Lega Pallavolo Serie A Presidents
Carlo Francanzani dal 1987 al 1997
Bruno Da Re dal 1997 al 2000
Giorgio Varacca dal 2000 al 2002
Bruno Da Re dal 2002 al 2004
Diego Mosna dal 2004 al 2009
Claudio Sciurpa dal 2009 al 2010
Diego Mosna dal 2010 al 2014
Albino Massaccesi dal 2014 al 2016
Paola De Micheli dal 2016 al 2018
Diego Mosna dal 2019 al 2020