Alex Erati from Superleague

Dopo tante buone stagioni in A2, l'anno scorso Alex Erati si è messo alla prova per la prima volta in Superlega a Ravenna

Delta Group Porto Viro lands the big blow: Alex Erati took center stage, last year in Superlega with the Ravenna shirt.

Born in 1994 in Melzo, province of Milan, 202 centimeters high, Erati began his senior career in Segrate with which he obtained promotion from B2 to B1 in 2012/2013. After the B1 season with the Milanese team, he moved to nearby Bergamo, engaged in the same championship. In 2015/2016 he obtained a new category jump, this time from B1 to A2, which he disputes with Bergamo itself the following year. In 2017/2018 the experience in cadetry continues in Gioia del Colle (best season of his career in statistical terms), then the return to Bergamo, where he plays with Garnica and Pierotti, two other new faces of the Delta Group. The two-year period at Olimpia was crowned by the victory of the A2 2019/2020 Italian Cup, the following season he moved to Castellana Grotte (again together with Garnica), before Ravenna took him to the Super League.