Antonino Suraci extended until 2024

Another important reconfirmation that is worth double: Antonino Suraci will wear the Giallorossi until 2024. “Staying in Reggio is certainly a source of great pride, I will try together with my teammates to defend what our shirt represents at the moment.”

Seat hitter two and 200 centimeters high explains the signing of the biennial with Reggio Emilia: “Surely the relationship I have with the company and all the managers, the esteem and competence of the staff have influenced; I have always felt welcomed from day one, as if I were a family member. I never thought of leaving the club without first having listened to their plans for my future, even more so after winning the championship and having made an incredible journey last season. ” Another factor that influenced the reconfirmation is the city: “Reggio Emilia is now my second home.”

The opposite class of 1996 has great confidence in the new group, young and competitive are promising ingredients: “I’m happy to be able to continue working with Fabio Fanuli, he was a fundamental person within the team with his technical advice; I find the pairing with Cantagalli a winning one and I am confident. A very long bench is being formed as in previous years and as we have seen it is essential to include players even when the game has started “.

An exciting championship, next year it will certainly not be easy to predict who will enter the playoff phase; competitive and well-built rosters throughout Italy: “It will certainly be difficult to replicate 2021/22 but we will do our best; the goal must be to reach a situation of comfort within the standings as soon as possible, then try to assert and fight until the final stages. I hope to be able to play another Coppa Italia final or in any case to arrive as far forward as possible in the Play Offs and in the qualifying phase for the Del Monte Coppa Italia