Cave del Sole inked Paciocco

Seven seasons in A2, 130 matches played to more than 700 points grounded at the age of 23 (yet to be completed): these are the numbers of the next spiker from Cave del Sole Lagonegro. Rocco Panciocco, born in 1999, 200 centimeters and an important career behind him. The Roman spiker has played in Siena for the last two seasons, before that he wore the Materdomini and Tuscania shirts. Five seasons previously at Club Italia where he was coached by Mr. Barbiero, who saw him grow and wanted him with him in Lagonegro. “I am very happy with the trust placed in me by the president and the whole Lagonegro club. With coach Barbiero we know each other very well – explains Panciocco – he raised me at the time of Club Italia and I know he can bring out the best in me and the whole team. We are a good group and I’m sure that with hard work, united, we could get great satisfaction. Cheering will be our seventh man on the pitch and we will have a lot of fun together. Now I’m keeping in shape to start next season in the best possible way and I can’t wait to start pushing together with the whole team, concludes the hitter who will be part of the new red and white roster of Cave del Sole “. Meanwhile, the contacts of the ds Tortorella continue to conclude the Lucanian team that will be at the starting line for its seventh consecutive year in the A2 championship.