Da Rold Logistics facing Bolghera in a friendly match

The official debut is approaching and, consequently, the pre-season of Da Rold Logistics Belluno is now winding down.

Before diving into Serie A3 Credem Banca – debut on 9 October, in San Donà, in front of the Volley Team Club – the rhinos will face one last test: away against Trento Bolghera Volleyball. The appointment is scheduled for Friday 30 September, at 8 pm.

Is the opponent of a lower category? Yes, but only on paper. Because Bolghera boasts a staff that can play an important score in B. It is no coincidence that, during the summer, the Trentino people have strengthened with the addition of Alberto Magalini: an athlete who has trod the Serie A fields and who, last season, he wore Garlasco’s shirt. Moreover, by showing the “green mice” right to the Dolomite team, if it is true that in the first leg match in Lombardy (won at the tie-break by Paganin and his companions) he sent 19 points to the scoresheet, while in the return he repeated with 11 others. And Garlasco won at the Spes Arena.