Geetit landed Davide Donati

Geetit Volleyball Bologna reveals the face of the opposite young man who will be available to coach Marzola: Davide Donati.
After announcing the return of Govoni and the arrival of Lugli and Lusetti with the class of 2000, the Bolognese company closes the market on the main diagonal.
Born and raised in sports in Bologna, the opposite of home is one of the pride of the company that has 7 companies in the metropolis under its wing.
Davide played in some of these: Savena, Crevalcore after opening his career at Zinella.
Last season there was no shortage of opportunities to train with the first team of the city but now, the athlete, is ready to be officially part of it.

Davide Donati: “Being part of the first bologna team represents the achievement of a sporting goal, being the best I could aim for locally.
It will be fun to be able to compare yourself with high-level athletes, opponents and otherwise. The first period will help me to understand my personal level and therefore where to start working. “