Matteo Carlesso atheltic trainer

Matteo Carlesso nelle ultime due stagioni ha lavorato con Volley Team Club San Donà nel maschile e Team Conegliano Volley nel femminile

The first time in Serie A2 could only be in Porto Viro. For an ambitious boy like Matteo Carlesso, the Delta Group’s new athletic trainer, it was almost a must, a date with destiny. Impossible to say no to one of the most successful clubs in Venetian and national volleyball, impossible to miss such an important opportunity. And so Carlesso decided to say goodbye to his home in the Treviso area, from which he had never left until now, to move permanently to Polesine.

“The choice to come to Porto Viro – he says – represents a qualitative leap in my professional career, I am very happy to have raised my personal bar and to start working in A2 in this company. The value and solidity that the club has already shown to have immediately convinced me to accept: Delta has grown a lot in recent years and speaking with DS Pavan I felt that we share many values ​​and goals. The discussion with coach Battocchio and the rest of the staff in view of the preparation gave me further confirmation of the experience and professionalism of the whole team. I hope to draw as many lessons as possible from my new adventure companions, for my part I will bring my enthusiasm and my determination to be able to achieve great results all together “.

Originally from Motta di Livenza, 28 years old a couple of months ago, Carlesso started working as a trainer in the summer of 2017 on the sand of the JBA in Jesolo, following the Pro Team, the Beach Volley School and the Under 18 regional selection. Practically at the same time he also began his indoor experience, in Massanzago, with which he collaborated for three years, dividing himself between the role on the field (he is the free player of the first team, in Serie B) and that of the company staff. In 2020 he hangs up his boots to devote himself exclusively to his professional career and in the following two years he is engaged on three fronts: men’s volleyball, with Team Volley San Donà (A3 and youth sector), women’s volleyball, with Team Conegliano Volley (B1 -B2 and youth sector), tennis, with the Treviso Tennis Club for which he takes care of the preparation of some Under 16 tennis players.