Stefano Pozzi in Cantù

If he had only made the leap from female to male it would not have been the first time. But this time Stefano Pozzi changes his sport. He comes from water polo, and the former Como Nuoto and Rane Rosa coach is the new Team Manager and Coordinator of the Youth Sector of Pool Libertas Cantù. A life by the pool, conquering the national top both with the first male team (still militant in Serie A2) and with the female one, brought to salvation from newly promoted in the top flight a few weeks ago. All without forgetting the important contribution he made to the youth sector, growing generations of champions. A new challenge for “Tete”, which he welcomes with the same enthusiasm and desire to get involved that have characterized his career.

“The entry of Tete Pozzi is bringing a wave of enthusiasm to Libertas and the desire to do something really new – says President Ambrogio Molteni -. His personality is undisputed, and his desire to deal with a different reality than water polo is certainly important to try to find new solutions in daily problems. This season he will give us a big contribution, as well as in the management of the Serie A2 team, also and above all in the management of the various formations ranging from Serie C to Serie D, and to the other 9 teams in the youth sector. This is an important commitment, which I am sure will make us make an important qualitative leap. My welcome to him in the Libertas family, convinced that for all of us it will be an added value that we absolutely must not lose but we must make it grow better “.

“After a life in water polo, and after the salvation conquered with the girls of the Pink Frogs – confesses ‘Tete’ – I realized that I have given this world everything I could. Sport is the thing I love, and I wanted to try a new one. When I received the call from Ambrogio (President Molteni, ed) I decided to throw myself, and now I will discover a world that is new to me. For my part, there is a lot of enthusiasm and a great desire to learn. On a technical level, anyone I meet in gyms knows a lot more than me. At the level of organization, will, knowledge and relationships, however, I think I can bring my experience, given that I have been in the world of Serie A for more than 25 years “.