Top Volley facing Taranto

Top Volley Cisterna on Sunday 9 October hosts Gioiella Prisma Taranto. At 4 pm at the Palasport in via delle Province, the team arrived by the former coach Vincenzo Di Pinto, a match that will be broadcast on

Fabio Soli (coach Top Volley Cisterna): “A great victory in Milan on a historically complicated and difficult field. Piazza squads are always complicated to deal with and taking away the full loot is a source of great pride for us. It gives us a great charge, but at the same time it must also keep us firmly planted with our feet on the ground, because we have done an inch of a season that will be kilometers long. We have to dive back into our daily work, in my opinion we will face Taranto with different expectations than how we played in Milan, we went there with the awareness of finding a very strong team on the other side of the net and we faced them with the attitude of those who have little to lose, with a very light mind. On paper, I think Taranto is a direct competitor for what is our goal and that is salvation. The mental aspect of approaching the race will be slightly different as will the expectations. Playing at home, even more so, we must try to have the same serenity and patience that we had against a great team like Milan. Taranto in the pre-season tournament has shown that it knows how to put us in a lot of difficulty. It is a beautiful team made up of experienced players with great potential like Stefani, like Gargiulo who played an excellent match against us and for experienced players I cannot fail to mention Falaschi and Alletti, all guys who know the Super League well and know what it means to fight for certain goals. I expect a complicated game, a great battle and we want to enter the field with the same lightness and mental attitude that we put in last Sunday’s match, it will not be easy and therefore we have to work very carefully during the week ”.