Approaching the second round of the Super League championship. The Emma Villas Aubay Siena will have its seasonal home debut on Sunday: at 6 pm at PalaEstra the match against Sir Safety Susa Perugia, the team of Giannelli and Leon built to win everything, will start. In Viale Sclavo it will be a real show. In the meantime, the presale continues to be able to attend the match, as well as the season ticket campaign to attend all the internal matches of the Sienese team.

“We are sorry for the defeat of Trento but even after that match, and despite the defeat, there are positive feedbacks. Now an important match awaits us which will be a real big show”. Word of captain Nemanja Petric, hitter of Emma Villas Aubay Siena, who spoke to journalists at a press conference that was held this afternoon. Petric continues: “The schedule immediately placed us in front of two very strong teams. This helps us improve our mentality, but obviously doesn’t give us a hand in the ranking. The race held in Trento gives us an image of who we are at the moment, but it takes time to refine the team understanding. However, even in our debut against Itas we proved to be competitive, we can fight with everyone. Perugia is a very strong team, they have many champions on their roster and have been set up to try to win every competition. We will have to try to limit them in some fundamentals ”.