Youth Leagues stepping up

For two years the Prisma youth sector has been entrusted to the Asd Polisportiva 74020, based in Taranto, which trains in local gyms and plays under 13, under 15, under 17, under 19 and Serie D championships, and boasts a number of about 120 members (including the women’s sector). The Taranto club wears red and blue, the President Stola relies on his historic manager Massimiliano Chirico who tells the story.

When was the collaboration with Gioiella Prisma Taranto Volley born?

This collaboration was born two years ago, when Prisma, which landed in the A2 series, relied on our company to manage a youth sector in the area, an important clause of the Lega regulation to be able to play a high-level championship, a collaboration that we welcomed with great enthusiasm.

How many and which teams do you have in your club?

We have numerous teams, from under 13 to Serie D, in particular under 13, under 15, under 17, under 19 and the D that we play with young people up to 21 years old.

But we also have a large women’s youth sector, which occupies about half of our members

Were there important results or particularly relevant competitions in the championships you played?

We have played every championship with honor, despite all the difficulties related to Covid in the last two years, the boys have distinguished themselves in all categories and had fun, we have not won any championship but all our athletes have been committed on the field in every game as if it were a final. This is the primary purpose of a youth sector, they have teamed up and learned a lot from their experiences in the field.

What is the relationship with the Prisma first team, have your members participated in the matches at the Pala Mazzola?

Our athletes attended almost all home games, fulfilling the field service and operating as toothbrushes, experiences from which they came out enthusiastic, they enjoyed seeing high-level matches and seeing international champions and teams seen so far only arrive at Pala Mazzola. on TV it was a really great experience. We were pleased to have lent a hand to the company in which we are registered to be able to succeed in maintaining the Super League category, a source of pride for all the boys in the area.