Angelo Lorenzetti introduced as brand new head coach

In front of the media and supported by the company number one Gino Sirci, by the sports director Goran Vujevic and by the general manager Bino Rizzuto, Lorenzetti spoke about his new black and white adventure and answered the questions of local reporters with his recognized oratory and competence.
These are some significant passages.
“I am happy and grateful to be here, for the great value opportunity offered to me in Perugia and for the wonderful welcome I received. I would like my team to be an attacking team, a team capable of occupying the center of the net in the sideout in an important way and who know how to exploit the characteristics of their hitters to then produce an important break phase. I’d like a team that, however the previous point went, has the desire to come together in an embrace to be charged and ready for the next point. A difficult season awaits us and a championship that has now become ultra-competitive, where balance is king. A championship that, precisely for these reasons, starts today. Today the ball doesn’t fly, words fly and you have to use them in the right way. There is certainly the will to be protagonists, there is no need to hide. But giving value to the great opponents we have does not diminish our value, instead it serves to make the environment aware of the level we are going to face and of the need to battle ball by ball every game. What if I have some secret? Labels are always difficult to put. Right now, thanks to the guys from Trento, I’m the last winning coach, starting tomorrow, as is right in sport, we’ll all go back to 0-0 and start again. In my experiences, I don’t know if I have given something extra to my teams, but I do know that the clubs have always made beautiful, good and sometimes excellent teams available to me and it’s easier to work with good players. I put my passion into it, my expertise as far as it goes and the desire to work and set up important work and team relationships because it is true that champions are important, but relationships count as much as a great player. I want to do my best on this aspect because I am convinced that it is that element which, in times of difficulty that will arise, can get us out as soon as possible. There are many good teams and the strong team is not the one that never gets into a crisis, but the one that comes out of it as soon as possible, certainly doing so with technical issues, but also because it is a cohesive, hardworking, capable group of people even to enter into a productive conflict. For this, from day one it will be necessary to build important relationships”.