ErmGroup facing Mirandola

The meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at the Palasport in via Anconetana, at 18:00, between the San Giustino Volleyball and Mirandola Volleyball Stadium is just around the corner. A match to be savored given the ambitions of both teams. The climate is relaxed and positive, as Captain Davide Marra declared in recent days and in the same way as coach Bartolini expressed: “The week that came to an end was a good week because with the break we recovered some energy and some ailments. We’ve prepared to face a healthy team; we know it’s a very different reality than the one we faced in the first leg, so we are on the alert and paying maximum attention. Mirandola with the last victory, pulled out of the penultimate position and will do everything to snatch points this Sunday and in the last remaining league game. We are all ready and available and I think it will be a beautiful sporting spectacle, a beautiful battle”.