Penultimate day of the Play Off Group 5th Place Credem Banca on the way. The challenges of the 4th round are scheduled for Tuesday 25 April: at 18.00 the PalaBarton hosts the classic between Perugia and Modena, at 19.00, very important points are played in Brianza, Monza and Verona for the economy of the standings. Stop in the pits, however, for Padua.

On the calendar for Tuesday at the PalaBarton, with the kick-off at 18.00, the evocative match between Sir Safety Susa Perugia and Valsa Group Modena, face-to-face which in the past has given great emotions by giving away very important goals, such as the 2015/16 Scudetto won from the yellows in three games. This is challenge no. 44 between the two teams and the balance sees the Block Devils ahead with 23 hits to 20, who also won in the previous two during the regular season. As in the First Phase, Andrea Anastasi’s men occupy the top of the Group, while the Emilian team, which has so far focused on the green line, is currently last but is looking for the jump.

The Pala AGSM AIM turns the spotlight back on at 19.00 with the challenge between the hosts of WithU Verona, which committed Sir on Saturday but had to settle for one point, and Vero Volley Monza, at the top arm in arm with the Block Devils . This is a key challenge for the standings given that the Brianza players still have to serve the rest period. In search of the external enterprise, Massimo Eccheli’s players cannot afford missteps in the direct clash with the Scala family, third at -1 from the leading duo. The only precedent for 5th place went to Monza last year, while in the First Phase of this season Radostin Stoytchev’s team won twice.

4th Play Off Day 5th Place Credem Banca

Tuesday 25 April 2023, 18.00
Sir Safety Susa Perugia – Valsa Group Modena
Referees: Rossi Alessandro, Salvati Serena (Fontini Simone)
Video Check: Rizzo Andrea
Scorekeeper: Squire Simona

Tuesday 25 April 2023, 7.00 pm
WithU Verona – Vero Volley Monza
Referees: Venturi Giuliano, Serafin Denis (Lorenzin Ruggero)
Video Check: Casarin Irene
Scorekeeper: Salvan Davide

Rest: Padova Volleyball

Play Off Group Ranking 5th Place Credem Banca
Sir Safety Susa Perugia 5, Vero Volley Monza 5, WithU Verona 4, Pallavolo Padova 2, Valsa Group Modena 2.

1 more match: Vero Volley Monza and Pallavolo Padova.