Sunday 29 January 2023 17:24
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Break your monotony on Sundays

New picture for S.E.C. Isernia in Piazza Concezione, one of the symbols of Isernia town. “Spezza” that means “break” your monotony on Sundays. In...

African rhythms before the match Cuneo – Macerata

Doum doum Folè rithmus from Senegal will host BreBanca Lannutti Cuneo – Lube Banca Marche Macerata from 16.45 till the beginning of the match....

Supporters penalized by concomitant matches

Press declase 1/3 of spectators

Injury to Oro

No quiet for Mail Service Corigliano. After 3 defeats, brasilian player Antonio Oro had a injury to a knee. It will be out for...

Departure tomorrow to Isernia

Very hard match in Isernia

Physical tests in the “Barnstein Lab”

Important physical tests in “Bernstein Lab” for Marmi Lanza Verona players. Team will train Friday from 10 to 12 and from 15.15 to 19....

Genova: so near, so far!

Masterdomini meets Canestracci after 10 years again

Borsatto and his 1st match in serie A

After a injury to Desiderio, Borsatto is ready to play as spiker

Rotary S. Marco and Reima Crema together to help Moldavian children

Last May Premier Hotels Crema played a solidarity match denominated “Volley for Moldavia”. Rotary Club S. Marco went to Moldavia to give funds collected...

S. Croce loosed in Modena

Codyeco loosed in Modena 3-0. After the victory of Padova, Zanini’s team didn’t win anymore. S. Croce played well only during the 1st set....

Itas loosed 3-1 vs Treviso

Itas Diatec Trentino wasn’t able to beat Treviso loosing the match 3-1. Many supporters from Trento went to Treviso hoping to see their team...

Loosed the match in Padova

Still 3 points on the standings