Historical Standings of EUROPEAN SUPERCUP

    The competion was played until 2000. Until 1995 by the Winner of Champions Cup versus the Winner of CUP’S WINNER CUP. Then they were joined by the winner of CEV Cup and the 2nd Finalist of Champions Cup

    1987 CSKA MOSCA (URSS)
    1988 CSKA MOSCA (URSS)
    1989 Maxicono PARMA (ITA)
    1990 Maxicono PARMA (ITA)
    1991 CSKA MOSCA (URSS)
    1992 Il Messaggero RAVENNA (ITA)
    1993 Edilcuoghi RAVENNA (ITA)
    1994 Sisley TREVISO (ITA)
    1995 Las Daytona MODENA (ITA)
    1996 Alpitour Traco CUNEO (ITA)
    1997 Alpitour Traco CUNEO (ITA)
    1998 not disputed
    1999 Sisley TREVISO (ITA)
    2000 PARIS Volley (FRA)