Marmi Lanza Verona: Marmi Lanza Verona conquers the 10th consecutive victory; this time against Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia, who lost at home 0-3. Now Verona is looking for the record (11 victories for Trento). Bernardi absence is well replaced by Stefano Moro, For the Gialloblu is the second 3-0 victoy after the one against Sisley.
“Mr Century” absence, forced Bagnoli to change the team structure. Moro opposite player to Nuti, Gato and Granvorka spikers. Confirmed the two middle blockers, Semenzato and Howard, Sorcinelli as libero.
The matchs started with some problem for Verona. Vibo goes to 3-0 but for the gialloblu get immidiately close and reach 3-2. Before the first time out though, Tonno Callipo is still ahead 8-4. Afther that, Howard and his teammates score a big breack and arrive 9-10. Vibo, keeps putting big pression on the serving and, at the second time out the score is 16-11. Marmi Lanza doesn’t give up and Moro scores the 16-15. The score is now tight (17-17) but with two winning blocks Verona goes to 17-19. Another Howard winning block and a Granvorka ace and the score is now 18-22. The home team tries to recover (20-22) but the set ends 21-25.
In the second set Bagnoli confirms Hernandez for Semenzato but Vibo is ahead at the beginning of the set for 5-3. Vibo keeps staying ahead and arrives at 13-8, but Verona comes back immidiately and ends with Granvorka ace 13-13 and straight after Verona is ahead 14-15.
After the time out is Marmi Lanza to hit the gas. Gato and teammates reaches 17-20, Semenzato replaced Hernandez and, like in the first set, the score arrives to 20-24. A winning Nuti block close the set 20-25.
Third set starts very well for Verona already 0-2. Verona keeps the break and the score goes 3-5 first and 6-8 after. The big crowd enthusiasm slowly lights off with Marma Lanzi leading strongly the game. Santilli tries with Rosalba blocked straight after by Hernandez. the score is 10-13. After the second time out, two Moro points send the Marmi ahead 17-22. The set and the match are soon over (21-25)

In the pic: Sorcinelli and Granvorka (Pic Marco Trabalza)

Gian Paolo Zaffani
Press Office