Italian national team setter Dragan Travica landed in Modena, to help the team for the last stretch of the season:
“I thank Modena Volley for giving me the opportunity, arriving here in such a big club, with plenty of champions, I will give 100% to be ready and at the top level. To play here until the end of the tournament is a great challenge for me, I will do everything the coach will want me to do, I’ll try to answer the calls every time he will need me. Modena is a team of champions, we are on track in Superleague and in Champions League, we can do some good things”.

Azimut Modena lost at Eurosuole Forum in Civitanova Marche versus Lube in yesterday’s game, but now they will see former italian national team setter Dragan Travica in the roster, arrived to improve the team looking out to the playoffs. Coach Lorenzo Tubertini’s team is focused on the fourth place. Modena will earn the fourth by winning versus LPR Piacenza on sunday, Piacenza in sixth place of the standings, already sure of a playoff spot, coming from a win at tie break versus Kioene Padova.

PREVIOUS MATCHES: 34 (16 Modena, 18 Piacenza)

FORMER PLAYERS: Maxwell Philip Holt Piacenza 2010-2013, Kevin Le Roux Piacenza 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 (21/11/14), Jacopo Massari Piacenza 2007-2010 2009-2012 (14/10/09) and 2014-2015, Matteo Piano Piacenza 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, Luca Vettori Piacenza 2007-2009 2012-2014, Loris Manià Modena 2009-2014, Luca Tencati Modena 2007-2009, Viktor Yosifov Modena 2011-2012.


In Regular Season: Fernando Ramos Hernandez – 21 points to 1000, Leonel Marshall – 4 blocks to 300, Simone Parodi – 4 blocks to 200 (LPR Piacenza).

In Championship: Viktor Yosifov – 2 battute vincenti alle 100 (LPR Piacenza).

In Champiosnhip and Italian Cup: Luca Vettori – 4 blocks to 200 (Azimut Modena); Fernando Ramos Hernandez – 7 attacks to 1000 (LPR Piacenza).