The official introduction of 2018/2019 Del Monte Supercup took place on today in Perugia, the host city of the event which will take place next saturday 6th and sunday 7th october at PalaBarton in Perugia.

With all the executives of the city administration, Sir Safety Conad Perugia president Gino Sirci said: “we are happy to be here, few days ago we were here presenting the team, now it’s a great partnership between us and Lega Volley”.

Lega Volley CEO Massimo Righi said: “we are living a good moment with our tournament, universally recognized as one of the top tournament in the world. People were used to say this also 20 uyears ago, when we did not have this quality and some other important tournaments in Europe and in the world”.

Obviously also Sir Safety Conad Perugia head coach legendary Lorenzo Bernardi was present, introducing the challenge: “we still have alot of ambitions, we are still hungry for wins, despite last season Triple Crown. We are in our city thanks to the win of last season, in this season there is some people who are saying we and Cucine Lube Civitanova are the real favourites of this upcoming season. I don’t agree with this. At least Trento and Modena are at the same our level, will be a very interesting and balanced season”.


Del Monte® Supercoppa – Semifinali

Sabato 6 ottobre 2018, ore 17.00

Sir Safety Conad Perugia – Itas Trentino Diretta Rai Sport

Diretta streaming su RAIPLAY

Sabato 6 ottobre 2018, ore 19.30

Cucine Lube Civitanova – Azimut Leo Shoes Modena Diretta Rai Sport

Diretta streaming su RAIPLAY

Del Monte® Supercoppa – Finali

Domenica 7 ottobre 2018, ore 15.00

Finale 3° posto Diretta Lega Volley Channel

Domenica 7 ottobre 2018, ore 18.00

Finale 1° posto Diretta RAI Sport

Diretta streaming su RAIPLAY


Sarà possibile acquistare abbonamenti validi per Semifinali e Finali nei seguenti settori:

Tribuna EST – Tribuna OVEST (intero 70,00 euro, ridotto 65,00 euro)

II Anello EST – II Anello OVEST – Curva San Marco (intero 40,00 euro, ridotto 35,00 euro)

Prevendita: 3,00 euro

Il ridotto è riservato agli Under 14. Per bambini da 0 a 3 anni ingresso gratuito senza posto a sedere