Del Monte and Lega Volley Italian Volleyball League extended their partnership until 2021.

DEL MONTE®, Gold Sponsor of Lega Volley in several seasons, will be Title Sponsor for al Lega Volley upcoming events in the next seasons, as  DEL MONTE SUPERCUP, DEL MONTE ITALIAN CUP, DEL MONTE JUNIOR LEAGUE, DEL MONTE BOY LEAGUE).

Stefano Polidori, General Manager Del Monte Italia, said: “We are so happy to be here continuing our partnership with our big partner Lega Volley. We are proud to be here beside Lega Pallavolo, spreading our attitude and message of sane and correct alimentation and food.

Lega Volley President Paola De Micheli said: “we and Del Monte trust each other, we are Always on the same page, looking forward ethic and quality of work. This parthership is such a kind of record for longevity and efficiency, showing how our values are the same together with Del Monte”.

Del Monte is a Worldwide leader of fruit export in several countries in europe, Africa, middle East and former USSR countries.

Quality and freshness are the strong points of Del Monte all around the world, on european website and all people can check some tips and ways of life for a sane and correct nutrition, all coming from our team of experts in nutrition.

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