Dear Doc. Pedrini,

After the Council of Administration we read your letter and we are surprised. Your Vice President spoke to us few hours ago about your worries about to play Superleague in next days, and we are organising new meetings to discuss the situation. We are evaluating all the scenarios, including not to play in next days, we made a detailed protocol with Volleyball Federation, we are playing with door closed as some other sports in Italy, we have to honoring our sponsors, and we are thinking that sport would be a signal of union and relax. We are working together with the Health Authorities, and despite some of tyour ideas are partially shareable, we don’y think would be the case to accuse all other clubs after the Council 24 hours ago, where you as club were present.

We love to share everything, as we will do next monday to discuss the Serie A round played, approaching evenctually some new things to do, caring of the interests of the people, the clubs and all the fans.
About the cleaners of court in probable trouble, you can use not only kids, you can also use some guys grew up. We are also speaking with FIVB seriously talking about re-plan of the international schedule, that’s the type of job we are making to protect our sport, our clubs and our protagonists.

Diego Mosna
Presidente Lega Volley Serie A