“Il mio primo manuale della pallavolo”, “my first volleyball manual”, brand new comics book with Itas Trentino captain setter Simone Giannelli. Out for BeccoGiallo editor, drawn by illustrator Salvatore Callerami, by an idea of Emanuele Apostolidis, Trentino’s captain is the protagonist of an emotional trip through the volleyball as sport, as way of life, as attitude, keeping strong the values of the sport.

Simone Giannelli said: “I’m very happy and proud to be the protagonist of this book, it’s great to communicate to young people with the fantasy language, it’s a greatexperience. Obviously now it’s impossible do not think to Champions League final, it’s an experience probably unique in life. I would love to remain in Trento, I grew up here, I learned everything here, and I really would love to stay here all my career”.