President Massimo Righi on Gazzetta dello Sport

Italian Lega Volley president Massimo Righi has been invited to Gazzetta dello Sport Forum, together with all the exectives of volleyball and basketball.

Together with him President Federazione Basket Gianni Petrucci, President  Lega Basket Umberto Gandini, Vicepresident Lega Pallavolo Serie A Femminile Giuseppe Pirola, President Lega Nazionale Pallacanestro Pietro Basciano, Lega Basket Femminile counselor Edvige Cavallini and online President federazione Italiana Pallavolo Giuseppe Manfredi.

Massimo Righi said: “we think that 35% is a big problem for us and our clubs. Our sport is alive thanks to sponsorships and tickets, and we had big lost as 28 millions euros in sponsorships and tickets lost, with more than 1 million and a half of sanity and safety expenses. Some of our clubs are thinking about a class action, because the troubles are several, starting from the transfer market until the youth leagues, real farm of our talented players”