Daniele Morato in Bergamo

Among the technicians on the launch pad on a national scale, his name is one of the most popular. But woe to point it out to him. And that’s right, for a profile that makes humility, sacrifice and passion its primary qualities blended with a “copy and paste” work culture with that of Gianluca Graziosi. It is not for nothing that Bergamo has chosen him as the new assistant of the technician from the Marches. Daniele Morato, born in 1989, originally from Colico (Lecco), lands for the first time in the A2 series, he does so on tiptoe although his curriculum is already studded with laurels as if it were raining (Under 17 Italian champion for the second consecutive season and victory of the Junior League, the last in order of time). All thanks to the growth, first as a player and then as a coach, in Brugherio’s forge of talent. Because Brugherio’s Diavoli Rosa are not only one of the best reservoirs for what concerns the players, but also from the point of view of the coaches.

“Diavoli Rosa have been part of me for 14 years, on the field and on the bench. Danilo Durand, to whom I owe everything, is my teacher. In Brugherio I learned every part of who I am today. I arrived as a child and I am leaving as an adult. Thanks go to all those who taught me to live volleyball in the spirit of fair play, in the healthiest and most genuine way, allowing me, at the same time, to realize many of my dreams. By doing it, moreover, with the pleasure of being in the gym having fun and finding total empathy with the boys ”

“We have won a lot, we have reached one step from the finish line several times. To triumph twice in a row in the Under 17 is not a trivial matter, like winning the Under 20 Junior League. But I felt the need to upgrade my path. Of course, moving from a youth sector to one of the most famous clubs in the A2 is something that represents an extraordinary opportunity “.

“I felt the need to test something different than what I have been used to practically forever. Relating to the Seniors universe will be a huge chance to enter a context in which I can only lower my head and learn even the slightest nuance. I have every intention of doing it “.