Also in the next competitive season, the “Acquarone uno di noi” choir will echo from the stands of the Pala Parenti. For the setter born in Sanremo, born in 1999, it will be the sixth season in a row in A2 with the Wolves jersey. From the youth sector to the first team, with the move to Fucecchio for the 2016-17 Serie B. Before and after always and only Kemas Lamipel: starring, with 134 active matches and a special feeling with the fans. Without forgetting the points, not bad for a playmaker: 103 blocks, 55 attacks, 49 aces from nine meters, for a total of 207 on the scoresheet. Last season, in particular, he was a pivot of the sextet that made S. Croce fly to the top of the A2 Credem Banca championship, up to the play-off semifinal lost with Cuneo. It is foreseeable that we would arrive at a reconfirmation. These are the declarations of the Ligurian play:
“Last season certainly ended with some regrets. We believed in it, that we could at least get to play the final. Instead we lost in the semifinals. However, I think it was a very good year, not only for the results obtained on the pitch but also for the group that was created, especially outside the gym, which is fundamental. And she was seen on the pitch during the matches “.
“As for the goals for next season, he will definitely aim as high as possible. We will try to find an amalgam like last year’s. At the level of individual objectives: to improve as much as possible, to smooth out imperfections and errors, to always try to give one hundred percent during training and competitions. Team goals … to enter the Cup and the play-offs. And then we’ll see what happens “.
“We will certainly be a young team. I know some guys, all people who know how to feel good on the pitch. I don’t know others yet, I hope I have the opportunity to learn more even before starting the business. However, I am confident, happy with the work done by the club, and I am convinced that we will have a great season. It is true that there are teams that seem very well equipped, at least on paper, but what matters are the results on the pitch. I am also happy with the choice of coach Mastrangelo, I think that in recent years he has shown excellent numbers. He brought the teams he coached to excellent goals, always managing to make all the boys at his disposal run well. I’m ready, energized for the coming season and… always come on Wolves ”.