New confirmation at Atlantide: Andrea Franzoni will preside over the second white-blue line for the fourth consecutive season: “In Brescia you work well, with Zambonardi understanding found in a moment”. The company greets and thanks Tiziano Mazzone instead, ready for a new adventure

Andrea Franzoni, born in Brescia, 33 years old, turns six in A2. After familiarizing himself with volleyball on the Montichiari field, he sets up his experience in Serie B in Cagliari and Campiglia dei Berici (VI). The Libero wins promotion to Serie A with Caloni Bergamo in 2016 and, after two seasons, arrives back in his city, where his daughter Sofia is growing up together with his partner Federica.

The number 10 of the Consoli admits: “When we sat down with Zambonardi, the agreement came in an instant. In Brescia you work well, it’s like a family: from the managers to the fans, everyone works to make you live the season in an atmosphere of serenity, giving you everything they have to offer. I am happy with the confirmations and returns: a group that knows each other well can be a plus compared to those who build a team from scratch. In addition, the company has secured some new entries that will make ours a competitive team, at the height of a championship that will be even more aggressive than the previous ones. I believe that we will be able to take away new satisfactions and give it to our audience: we want to compete and fight well beyond salvation, we aim to hit other season finals like those that have made the fans dream in recent years “.

Coach Zambonardi, who first of all greets and thanks Tiziano Mazzone for the season spent in the biancazzurro, remembers his free kick that “He is an athlete who always gives his best in terms of commitment and availability, he has made an important growth in the role and his being from Brescia is an aspect that for us has an additional value when, as in the case of Andrea, he expresses himself in a great attachment to the shirt. This year his contribution in reception and defense has often been decisive and we are therefore happy that he remains in Atlantis, both for his technical and human value “.