A few hours after the match between Tuscania Volley and ShedirPharma Sorrento, middle blocker Antonio Imperatore spoke at the press conference.

The public has returned to being the seventh man on the pitch. What impression did it make on you from inside the taraflex, and how much boost did it give you in the most delicate moments?

“It was a fantastic experience that I had a few years ago here in Sorrento, but only as a spectator. Being able to relive it from the other side was wonderful: I feel privileged, and I hope to be able to relive the same emotions for all the remaining 12 games. in our house ”

There is also your mark in the victory against Palmi. Coldly you made the 16-15, and then your float put the free in crisis, detaching the ball from the net to complicate the attack a lot. Looking for you at the crucial moment is a symptom of great confidence.

“During the match I had ups and downs, but I am grateful to my teammates because there was not a single moment when I did not feel their confidence. Despite a lackluster performance in attack, the captain served me at a crucial moment. , and this gave me the charge to be able to go to the service and put the opponent’s reception in difficulty. “