Since the retirement of the French national team in Canada, a few days after his debut in the 2022 VNL, the transalpine powerhouse Barthelemy Chinenyeze has faced his first interview after the official transfer to Cucine Lube. From aspiring doctor to volleyball star, the best central of the Olympics proves to have clear ideas and to be ready to embrace Civitanova … in search of a winning soundtrack!

La Lube is a train that doesn’t run every day! Do not you think?

“Absolutely! It means that I have worked well and I am reaping the rewards! ”

Do you think your performance in the Coppa Italia match has had an influence?

“I had a really good match in the quarter-final match against Lube at the Eurosuole Forum, but certain assessments are made over the course of a whole season and I think I got along well between the French national team and Allianz Milan.”

What do you expect from the next vintage? You will have the Scudetto on your chest!

“It is not easy to get to the team that won the title, first of all because it is a challenge to be confirmed and Civitanova has won three Scudetti in a row, upsetting all the balances. Even this year which was very hard. Besides me there will be other grafts, so we will have to settle down. It will be a great personal challenge! I have good feelings, I feel we can do great things together! ”.

You know the SuperLega well! How long did it take you these three years?

“The SuperLega is the most beautiful and difficult tournament in the world. If you can make your way to Italy you can play anywhere! I have grown a lot and it could not have been otherwise given that all matches are complicated and training. Even the sessions in the gym with my own mates helped me, the level was really high! ”.

You have faced the Lube multiple times! What struck you as a rival?

“Completeness without a doubt. There was not a single player to limit but all the players! When you compete with so many champions together, the pitfalls can come from every single opponent. I am not referring only to the owners, but also to the bench. Furthermore, Lube is as strong at home as they are away! ”.

Does picking up Simon’s legacy at the center put pressure on you or does it stimulate you?

“It motivates me a lot to arrive in a department that had a world-famous champion capable of winning everything at Lube. The fans are in love with it! I am here to make a great contribution! I want to test myself! Even if I’m not Simon, I can make a difference on the pitch and I will work to make it happen! “