After yesterday’s long journey with departure from Rome at dawn, stopover in Lisbon and arrival in the Brazilian metropolis Belo Horizonte in the late afternoon, the Block Devils are starting today in full preparation in view of the Club World Cup starting tomorrow.
Double work session today for coach Anastasi’s men. In the morning the team underwent technical training in the sports hall of Betim, venue of the event, and in the afternoon a session of physical work under the orders of the athletic trainer Chittolini.
Once the tiredness for the overseas trip was over, the boys therefore became familiar with the lights and measurements of the Carioca facility which will be the scene of all the matches of the Club World Cup. Anastasi tried some technical-tactical situations, then leaving room for repeated nine meters and at receiving work.
“The team is doing well and the mood is good,” says the Juventus coach. “Yesterday evening the boys had a session in the pool to remove the tiredness of the long journey and today we begin the actual preparation for the World Championship. Today and tomorrow we will have two days of adaptation, the players are ready and I’m positive.”