“Mission Impossible 4”, the countdown has started. The great evening in honor of Cucine Lube, scheduled for Monday 26 September (9 pm) at the Rossini theater in Civitanova Marche, is approaching with great news.

The presentation of the red and white team about to face the 2022/23 season will have an exceptional godmother. On the stage of Civitanova, as the guest of honor, the amazing Sofia Raffaeli, a young gymnast from the Marche region, will go up again from an authentic “Mission Impossible” in Bulgaria. The baby champion, born in 2004, originally from Chiaravalle and registered with the Fabriano Gymnastics, last week enchanted the international audiences by hitting four golds and one bronze in three days at the World Rhythmic World Championship. Results matured with dedication, commitment and perfect tests able to give prestige to the Marche and thrill giants such as the red and white champions of Italy.

It will therefore be the ‘atomic ant’, as Sofia has been renamed, to launch the new adventure of cooks with license to crush and the wish to win. During a special night, made evocative by the well-known mentalist Walter Rolfo and animated by the music and the sympathy of the Jolly Rockers, a group of the overwhelming Max Paiella and Claudio Gregori, aka Greg, the Lube team will parade. Introduced by the ferrymen of the evening, the famous RAI journalist Marco Mazzocchi and the influencer Manuela Meleleo, the young Francesco D’Amico, Gabi Garcia Fernandez, Mattia Gottardo, Alex Nikolov and Marlon Yant, the veteran Daniele Sottile with Enrico Diamantini and Ivan Zaytsev, captain Luciano De Cecco and Olympic gold medalist Barthelemy Chinenyeze. Naturally with them there will be the three Italian national teams who have recently won the gold medal at the World Cup in Poland: Simone Anzani, Fabio Balaso and Mattia Bottolo. Accompanying them in the spotlight will be head coach Chicco Blengini, second coach Romano Giannini and the staff. In the following days, Radio Arancia and Arancia Television will offer insights into the evening!