There is a month left before the start of the men’s volleyball championship in the A3 series and in Sabaudia we are working to be ready for the appointment. Gabriele Tognoni is ready to make his contribution: the middle blocker from Piemonte former Modena is motivated and aware that he is at a crucial junction in his career.

“It will be a very important season for me because it will be my third year in Sabaudia and the confirmation from the club for me is an extra boost in terms of motivation with my expectations that are high because I want to make the leap in quality. – explains Gabriele Tognoni, central from Alessandria, 202 cm tall, in his fourth season in A3, after three championships in Modena, between Serie D and B, and one in Tuscania – I would like to be a point of reference for the team like this to be able to repay even the company for having bet on me again. At the team level I can say that we are very competitive, there are both young players, but in any case already very good, and others very strong and with a lot of experience: this will allow us to train at the highest level and consequently have a growth in a path of growth “.

Tognoni, when he was playing in Modena, was also called to train with the first team in the A1 division. «I expect a very competitive championship because many formations have created top-teams to move up in the category with top players, but I can say that we have top-level athletes too, but we must be aware that in the next championship every point will be vital. Coach Saccucci? I appreciated him last year both in the first part of the championship and then also in the second, he knows how he has to interface with us players and how to stimulate us to bring out the best in us, both on and off the pitch, this is very important in a team like ours ».

Gabriele is also a student of Mechanical Engineering at the La Sapienza University of Rome: “It is always difficult to reconcile the life of a student with that of a volleyball player but I want to do it in the best way possible also because one of the seasonal goals, outside the playing field, is precisely to graduate and I intend to do it with the utmost concentration – concludes Tognoni – I also expect the public to push us to do better and better, both at home and away, I would like our building to really become that well-defended fortress capable of pushing us to achieve our goals “.