Galì, which marries the Any Time formula, and wants to become an authentic point of reference for the capital, transfers the same modus operandi to the partnership with Cuneo Volley as well, becoming a real meeting point for players, staff and the whole white and blue world.

« We are happy to be part of the Cuneo Volley world. Having hosted the A2 series before the home games in the first round was an honor and we can say that it brought good results. Like the Cuneo men’s volleyball club, we too are a young, ambitious reality with great potential.» – Fabio Di Salvo, co-founder of the Weve Group.

Il Galì was born in 2012, with the idea of ​​creating a meeting place in the heart of the city where you can enjoy quality food at all hours of the day. A real Italian bistro with an international flavor inspired by the best foreign experiences. Early 20th century Parisian charm and New York metropolitan contemporaneity merge in a cosmopolitan space aimed at welcoming, open to encounters and contaminations. A young and dynamic team, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to do, will be able to welcome you warmly and offer you an attentive and well-groomed service.