Giovanni Maria Gargiulo, middle class of 1999 for 209 cm, is the first placement in the team’s Headquarters department after the confirmation of Alletti.

Originally from Sorrento, Gargiulo entered the A2 series with the Castellana Grotte shirt, where he played 5 seasons before joining the Superlega in Vibo Valentia.

He has been in Vibo since 2020, and has 23 victories in the top flight in his luggage, with 695 points scored.

His palmarés also boasts a silver medal, won with the Italian national team at the junior world championship in Barhein in 2019, a blue summer that gave the Campania central an awareness and maturity important for his young age, qualities that allowed him to appear well in the top Italian league in these two recent seasons in Vibo.