Coach Di Pietro’s training begins in the best possible way in the joint training session against Valsugana.

A good victory for 4-1 against the team from Padova, which plays in the Serie B championship, conquered the first 3 sets with a triple 25-19 the boys of the Sol yield to the fourth set (23-25) and then conquer the fifth for 25-22.

A useful match in view of the start of the season against an excellent reality and a good formation, allowed the players of the Sol to start “grinding” the first points and schemes. The absence of the Franchetti station was well replaced by the Bartolini station from our youth sector.

Here are the words of coach Di Pietro at the end of the training:
“We have had good indications, although there is still a lot of work to do, which guide us for future training. From the point of view of the result we won 4-1 but that is not what matters, it is important to see the things we have tried in training and I am modernly satisfied with how we played. We missed Franchetti but the young central players proved to be up to par, it was an interesting test and on Tuesday we will have another joint training session with Valsugana to take a step forward in preparation for the championship “.

Appointment on Tuesday at Tenso Don Minzoni in Valsugana for the second joint training session of this brand new season