An evening of great prestige last night’s appointment organized by the cultural association Triumphalia of the De Lorenzo family, a real sports gala in the location of Palazzo Brasini with the patronage of the Municipality of Taranto and the Puglia Region.
Among the sports protagonists of the evening awarded for the brilliant 2021-22 season, President Bongiovanni and Vice President Zelatore received the Athlete of Taranto award for the best club category, and Mr. Vincenzo Di Pinto as the best coach.

President Bongiovanni
“Sport is like the dawn found at dusk, it means that we must try to recover mental energy, strength, availability and above all connections between people through sport. In fact, it is not just about winning medals and prizes, it must serve as an overcoming between people and families of this difficult moment we are experiencing. I personally thank the De Lorenzo family, whom I also know for other reasons, who hosted us. We want to continue to create these moments of recovery of normality through sport. Sport not only serves to win but also to make polite people win, good people and young people, to overcome difficulties. ”

Vice President Elisabetta Zelatore
“This award has a great value for us, for the whole team for this beautiful project of sport and sociality for our city. It has an even greater value because in our history this is the third recognition that we take as an Athlete of Taranto award, not only with respect to the historical roots of Taranto but also to the culture of the city and I think it is a good viaticum to do well again this year. I take this opportunity to invite the whole city to the first championship match at PalaMazzola against the champions of Lube Cucine Civitanova “.

Mister Vincenzo Di Pinto
“I am delighted that like Happy Brindisi home and now also Lecce Calcio we are, each in his sport, together with Gioiella Prisma, among the sports elite in Puglia and we represent the best at national level too. The real problem is that in the South, as with so many other things, it is very difficult to keep to these levels in the top sports championships, we are trying, thanks to President Bongiovanni and Elisabetta Zelatore, to remain constant. This is the second year in Superlega, but let’s not forget that in the past 10 years have already been done at a high level; in recent years volleyball is becoming something of exceptional worldwide and is seen by millions of people around the world. We absolutely must continue to keep the level of the Prisma Jewel high in the best championship in the world. Thanks to all of you for this special recognition. “