The news of the death of Angelo Matricardi who began to circulate in the city yesterday morning was learned with dismay and deep sadness by all those who knew him. Especially by the sportsmen from Ortona who had the pleasure and honor of having known him not only as a humble and cheerful person but also as a capable manager. Over the years, Angelo Matricardi has in fact covered the role of manager in the Ortona Calcio of the golden times, those who brought the yellow-green eleven to the top of the regional rankings and then landed in the then CND. But Angelo will be remembered above all for his commitment in volleyball where with the Impavida he also reached the position of Vice President. A handyman Vice President ready to offer his help within the gaming system for technical, bureaucratic and organizational matters. We are close to Angelo’s family, to whom we address our deepest condolences. Today is a terrible day for all sports in Ortona. Hi Angel. We will miss you.