After the first week of athletic training at the Eurosuole Forum and at the sports field of Civitanova Marche, Cucine Lube continues to focus the players’ work on physical tenor and individual technique, but coach Chicco Blengini announces that the level will be raised in the next few hours. With the insertion of jumps on the serve, on the wall and in the offensives. A step that has come gradually and which will serve in view of the first joint training scheduled for Saturday 3 September at home with the Med Store Tunit Macerata.

Coach Gianlorenzo Blengini: “I am satisfied with the approach of the athletes and the type of activity carried out. We will continue in this way by adding technical aspects in jumping with attack, serve and block. With the exception of Zaytsev, who had trained continuously in the national team, the other athletes had kept fit individually. Nothing to do with the intensity of the loads required by our workouts. There was a need to progress and everything is proceeding according to script. Those present reacted well, bypassing the risks of muscle injuries and hitches. The only pains are physiological and indicate the effectiveness of the efforts. I think it is right to commend our athletes for their commitment. In this phase in reduced ranks they are all loaded and they want to relive everyday life on the pitch. I am not surprised that newcomers are fascinated by the organization and modus operandi of this Club. When we choose the athletes we opt for professional people who know how to appreciate all this and are in line with Lube’s criteria. Returning to volleyball played, we will progressively bring the boys to face joint training to have a synthesis of individual work in the game context. Next week, when the jumping condition will allow us to grow, some young people from the red and white nursery will come to the gym with us. A choice that will give us options in the technical sessions and will expand the experience of the Academy students! “.