Mirco Dalmonte from Bologna iwas inked by Volley Team Club for the next A3 season. The 95 class, 194cm tall, played last year in the Romagna capital in the same group as the Sandonatesi. Previously he played with various teams, including Mosca Bruno Bolzano (A3), Tricase Volley (B), Volleyball Imola (B) and BA Olimpia S. Antiaco (B).

The first words of the new purchase of the VTC.

Hi Mirco and welcome to San Donà di Piave. Can you tell us a little about your career?

“I didn’t make great youth teams because I started playing when I was 18. I was divided between work and volleyball and only two years later I won the B1 with Conselice. From there I started traveling all over Italy for work until arriving in Bolzano 2 years ago , the moment when calls from important teams started to arrive. Unfortunately I broke my knee and was unable to make that jump that I definitely want to do this year. “