Pino Lorizio still with Motta

Pino Lorizio will still be at the helm of the lions in the 2022-23 season. The Pugliese coach, who thus reaches his 5th bench overall in the green-and-white jersey, has been confirmed as the first coach of HRK Diana Group Motta di Livenza.

The first real step for the coming season, therefore, to face another incredible year in the Serie A2 championship.

The news of your renewal was in the air, what binds you to these colors?

“When the sporting director Alessandro Carniel offered me the renewal for another two years, a handshake was enough and I accepted immediately. I work in harmony with him. We have the same vision of volleyball and it makes me work with serenity. We trust each other and have the same ambitions. These are not conditions that are easily found elsewhere. It is not yet time to leave…. We have many important things to do in Motta. “