He will still be with black-green: Antonio Polimeni.
The Reggio-born coach born in 1982 will sit on the bench of OmiFer Palmi for the fifth consecutive year. An important confirmation that will further consolidate the already strong bond between the technician and the environment.
For him with this club a promotion from B to Serie A3 and two accesses to the playoff phase for A2.
So the coach to our microphones: “in our profession we have to know how to build the house every year, the past in sport does not count. I have reached the fifth year in this club and I can only be happy, but I believe that when a sweating for the fifth year the same shirt also takes a pinch of pride. And I keep this pride tightly. In reality this year we looked at each other for a long time with the club before making a decision, it was right and probably even just after four years to go and assess whether the stimuli and objectives traveled with the same reciprocity and above all in a bilateral way. A common path has been traced, we will try together step by step to find the shortcuts that can allow us to reach the set goals as soon as possible.”
“My goals – continues Polimeni – are always a step higher than those of others, beyond volleyball, it is in my nature and it is something that makes me more responsible, especially here. There are many quality teams this year. but without going to look at someone else’s house, we will work hard to find within ourselves the right channels to reach our goals, which must always be maximal. I know all the boys, they have the hunger necessary to go further. Then as always, the field will speak. Fortunately. ”
Finally he greets Franco Giglietta, his second for eleven years who will now go to coach the Jolly Cinquefrondi in Serie B: “Eleven years together are not easily forgotten, especially if seasoned with so many victories. I lose a great person on the field, a serious professional and prepared, but this will have to further empower me, certainly not the one who will replace him who undoubtedly has qualities that will allow us to always keep the bar high. “