New partnership of Emma Villas Aubay Siena with an international company that deals with hydration. Fast & Up is in fact the new Hydration Partner of the biancoblu team for the next Superlega championship. Products of the Swiss company are already being used with great satisfaction by the athletes of the Sienese team who are preparing their training at PalaEstra in view of the start of the regular season. An appointment, this, set on October 2 when the biancoblu will be involved in an away match against the strong team from Trento (the home debut in the league will instead be seven days later, on October 9, against Perugia).

Fast & Up is the brand dedicated to the active lifestyle of Novelty Pharma, a pharmaceutical company founded in Lugano in 2001 by Dr. Massimiliano Baratelli, with the aim of becoming a market leader and provider of solutions in effervescent technology for the creation and development of new health products and nutraceuticals.

Fast & Up’s effervescent supplements are based on an innovative fast-absorbing Swiss technology based on 8 factors that facilitate the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients contained in them.

The ease of use, rapid activation, the effectiveness of the formula and the guaranteed reliability are just some of the qualities that characterize Fast & Up products.

With over 20 years of research, development and experience in producing effervescent products, Novelty Pharma is the science behind Fast & Up.

For Fast & Up this is the first experience in the world of volleyball.