New name in national competitions for the Juventus club. Conad, which always remains one of the main sponsors, gives way to the Susa Trasporti brand, a Perugian company leader in the sector of road transport and logistics services. Il Ferruccio Nucci Sales director and shareholder of Susa Trasporti Ferruccio Nucci: “We are delighted to give our contribution to one of the most important sports realities in our area. I thank the company for the opportunity and of course I thank the other Susa Trasporti shareholders who enthusiastically endorsed the choice ”

New look in the next season in the national arena for the Block Devils. Sir Safety Susa Perugia is born!
The name of the HCL team therefore changes in national competitions with a change in the name sponsor. Conad, a historic brand in the Perugian association that remains the main sponsor for next year, gives way to Susa Trasporti, equally historic corporate partner and a Perugian company leader in the road transport sector which, after a few seasons as a sponsor, decides to associate his name to Leon and his companions.
“A new name sponsor has been added – says the Juventus president Gino Sirci – to our partnership with Susa Trasporti to support Sir Safety System, but with Conad which remains firmly in the ranks of our supporters, always as main sponsor. We are very happy with the new agreement reached with Susa, which passes from sponsor to name sponsor. These years of collaboration and the excellent relations between myself and vice-president Maurizio Sensi with Ferruccio Nucci have contributed to this agreement and this synergy and have led Susa to increase investment and support for the company. All this obviously makes me very happy and once again underlines the desire to give something more to the local territory, an indispensable resource for our companies “.
Company based in Ellera di Corciano on the outskirts of Perugia, founded in 1953 by Bruno Nucci, Orlando Lucaccioni and Luigi Cecchetti, Susa Trasporti now has 45 distribution centers throughout Italy, its business is that of road transport and logistics services and is characterized in the market by its qualities and peculiar characteristics which are the level of service offered, the speed, reliability and safety guaranteed to its customers.