Tommaso Fabi is ready for his third season at Sieco Impavida Ortona. Arriving in the Abruzzo town in the 2020/2021 season, Fabi works hard behind what were the historic pillars of the central Sieco department: Simoni and Menicali. Coach Lanci uses it at the right moments and Fabi is always ready and above all effective. His 64 points in a season that can be defined as “Part Time” earned him the trust of all the coaching staff and so, last season, Tommaso was the owner for the center. The bet is to be considered won because the middle blocker from Marche brings home a loot of 137 points.

Strengthened by this constant growth, Tommaso Fabi is ready for a new season in Ortona, embracing a project that wants the white-blue to sail among the top positions of the next Serie A3 championship. And if it will be the first Serie A3 championship for Ortona, Tommaso Fabi has already had a very small taste of the category when in 2019/2020 he had started the championship in Motta di Livenza before moving to A2 at Conad Reggio Emilia after only three games.

Tommaso takes the first steps in the extraordinary world of volleyball in his city, Macerata, where at the age of eleven he is selected for the Lube youth teams. Here he carries out all the juvenile stages until his debut in the 2014/2015 season with Paoloni Appignano, satellite club of Lube Macerata, in Serie B2. It is then the turn of Volleyball Aversa, in Serie B. The debut in Serie A2 comes thanks to Centrale Del Latte McDonald’s Brescia who want him for its 2016/2017 roster. Then come Lagonegro and Tuscania in the order, to then go down a step and test the newly born A3 Series with Motta Di Livenza. As already mentioned, it will be a brief parenthesis because Tommaso Fabi will go back to A2 in the current season among the ranks of Conad Reggio Emilia. The rest is recent history with Tommaso Fabi who meets Sieco Service Impavida Ortona in the 20/21 season to continue together in the next one.