The band of coach Ortenzi has been back to work for just over a week, a pre-season run-in just at the beginning that is seeing the boys alternate between weight room and work in the gym to best combine individual physical fitness and team technique, thus starting to oil those mechanisms that Old and comrades already know very well. The confirmation en masse of the very owners who won the promotion just a few months ago cannot be an insignificant figure, even more so if supported by targeted, quality and perspective grafts.

It goes without saying that to face an A2 championship, Ortenzi docet, something more will be needed from everyone, starting with the captain: “Returning to the gym always brings something special with it, today more than ever – declared Riccardo Vecchi -. We are still enthusiastic about what we managed to accomplish last season and we want to start from here with even more motivation. Within the group I felt a great desire to do well and to honor this jersey. The whole team perceives the responsibility that awaits us, it will be necessary to give our best in every match while being aware of facing a different championship from the previous ones that will inevitably see our expectations change. We know what awaits us, we work hard to be ready. “