The spotlight is about to turn on the men’s World Championship and also Vero Volley, in some way, will be the protagonist. The world championship, scheduled from tomorrow, Friday 26 August to Sunday 11 September, between Poland and Slovenia, will see in fact five athletes from the first men’s team of Monza with their respective national teams.

With the lists issued in recent days by the participating representatives, the presence of the central Gianluca Galassi, winner of the last European Championship with Italy, is official. The Azzurri will be part of Group E, together with Canada’s two new “blue” signings: the spiker Stephen Maar and the opposite Arthur Szwarc, who in this last period, after returning from the injury suffered at the knee last November, is playing from the middle. To give these two national teams a hard time, ready to compete in the first match in Ljubljana, the day after tomorrow, 27 August, at 9.15 pm, China and Turkey will try. The Brazil of the new Monza setter, Fernando Kreling “Cachopa”, will be part of Group B, playing against Cuba, Japan and Qatar. In Group C, where the Bulgarian spiker from Monza, Denis Karyagin is located, Mexico, Poland and the United States were drawn.

The other pools see Puerto Rico, Serbia, Tunisia and Ukraine in A, Cameroon, France, Germany and Slovenia in D and Argentina, Egypt, Iran and the Netherlands in F. two classified from each group and the four best third parties who will fly to the Final Phase (eighths, quarters, semifinal and final 1st / 2nd place and 3rd / 4th place).